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Sunday, September 12, 2021

Medieval villager project

 Almost done.  I have some market stalls yet to do but it will take some time to collect the bits and pieces.  Mix of manufactures set onto 24 50mm 70mm and 90mm bases.  I tried to do vignettes where possible and tried to pose the models where they looked like they were interacting together.  Totalling 94 individual people and animals.  Some of these have been posted here before but I wanted to put them all together. 

Two overall shots.

Next are the regular villagers. 

Bar staff, fools and priests. 

Bee keepers, heralds and stocks.

Blacksmith, aggressive beggars and ladies of the night.

Now for my Monty Python bases. 


Political Activists

Dead Cart

Sunday, August 8, 2021

Encounter with the Ghoul Queen - Reaper Bones 5

 I had initially not thought to paint the whole encounter in one go but I ended up adding the rest of the miniatures to my paint queue.  The terrain pieces were painted up with quick highlights and washes.  

Sunday, August 1, 2021

Reaper Bones 5 second paint

 This one is a work in progress.  I will update paints and techniques on the Reaper miniatures forum. 

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Reaper Bones 5 First paints

 My shipment came in last week and I am quite happy with the new material.    The Bones Black cleans better than the original Bones material and it is more ridged with crisper detail.  I did not go all out by buying the whole thing but I did manage to pick up another seventy figures to add to my horde of unpainted.

Here are the first paints.  

The "Ghouls" from the encounter with ghoul queen.  I will be using them with my cultists.  

Two Bores from the Circe mini.  

The Basilisk.  This version is much bigger than the last bones basilisk so I am quite happy with it. 

Last is the Hydra.  I like the snake body on this one.  I have their dragon bodied one too but the snake one is better IMO.  

Saturday, July 17, 2021

A place to place my statue 4

 Finished the stone work and the frieze.  It will needs weathering and I think I need to do something on the outside as it seems to need something.  First photos. 


Details of the frieze.  

I was missing one stand of orks so I needed a replacement.  Lucky I had ordered some 28mm gnomes. 

Temple level

Crypt level

Visually it is missing something on the sides and back as it has the verdigris on the frieze is a bit overpowered by the plain wall.  Weathering will be done with multiple washes and small patches of lichen.  I will also be adding some vegetation too.  Hope you like.