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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Tentacle Makers

I am writing a review of a cool little product from green stuff industries.  Their tentacle makers.  Linkey  They are made out of a hard plastic and have ridges on both plates that add texture to a rolled snake of green stuff.  Here are the basic tools.  

These are the basic textures that can be rolled. Raised plastic piece on the back acts as a guide and ensures a straight roll. 

Then I played around by swapping the top pates around to change the textures.  You also can roll the green stuff snake multiple times in different directions to create segmented cables.
You can use it to texture larger snakes of green stuff. 
 Hope that gives you some ideas.  This is a neat product that I will be using quite a bit when I finally finish my move.  It is pretty good value for money.  Better than I initially though when I made the purchase.  Hope that helps you make a decision if you were on the fence one way or another. 
Hope that helps.  
Snitchy sends.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Other Stuff!

For those that do not know, my wife collects skulls and articulated skeletons.  Well, The Tucson Gem and mineral show is going on right now and I stopped by a few of our favorite vendors.  Needless to say I have increased her collection by a little bit.  First off the horse skull that she has been trying to get her grubby mitts on for years.
 Next is a bunny and a bat skull. 
Then the Kingfisher.  This one was in pieces so he sold it for half price.  A bit of superglue will fix that.

And last but not least some random dinosaurs that were for sale as lawn ornaments.
Just some family fun non wargame stuff.
Hope you like.
Snitchy sends.