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Saturday, December 14, 2013


Killing time time over here so I decided to be at least a little productive.  I  have always thought realistic crops on the field would be pretty neat.  I have been collecting ho scale corn stalks for a while, but will not be able to get to that project until I get to the UK.  One thing that I can make is pumpkins.  They are just a blob of putty that has creases down all sides.  Pretty straight forward.  I made about twenty over a couple of weeks.
Here are the masters.
 And the mold using a cheap Allumite kit
 A couple of casts
 I will be pinning each pumpkin to the base with the vine.
 Then fold the vine over the top.
 Bend in an appropriately odd shape.
 Using a wire bending pliers.
 When they are together they will look the biz. 
 Once I get back to the UK I can punch some leaves with a paper leaf punch.  Right now I am just casting these so I have them available.   It will be a bit of a different surface for my rough terrain markers.   Hope you like.
Snitchy sends.