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Thursday, April 17, 2014


For Warmahordes I play both Mercs and Crocks.  Unfortunately they do not make a gargantuan for the crocks.  I stumbled upon this sarcosuchus on Shapeways. 
The measurements looked right so I ordered one.  The crock turned out to be just the right size to fit into a cut out 120mm base.  When I received it the whole thing was hollow, so I back filled the model with plaster.  Then I added the rope supports for the howdah and bulked up the sides so it looked like the ropes were taught.   Here are a couple of pics with Bloody Barnabus for scale.

I wanted the howdah and mortar to look like they were scavenged.  I constructed the howdah to look like the ripped out wall from a barn or deck of a ship.  Then I constructed the mortar from plastic tubing and green stuff.  I used a hot pin head to distress the surface and chipped the barrel.  I tied it down to the surface of the howdah  and added a green stuff sandbag to support the back. 
Here it is in place. 
So far I was lucky enough to find a used Bloody Barnabus to convert into the driver.  Lots of cutting and now some re-building.  I have a witch doctor on order to add in as a gunner. 

Let me know what you think.
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Thursday, April 10, 2014


Received my visa today!  I will be joining my wife and daughter sometime next month.  Only took eighteen months to meet the criteria and move countries!  Sorry but I had to brag.
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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Hairspray weathering test

I decided to try the hairspray weathering technique on the barn.  Once the initial weathering was complete, I spray sealed the build, and then applied cheap hairspray.  Then I re-sprayed the building white.  Next I used water and tooth picks to distress the individual planks.  I am on the fence about the application of this technique with acrylics becasue the water made it past the underlying spray sealed layer and took the acrylic weathering off.  It did chip the top layer properly, and after I re-highlighted the build it looks OK.  What do you think?  Sorry for the poor picture quality.  All I have right now is an ipod. 

Snitchy sends.