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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Reaper Bones 5 First paints

 My shipment came in last week and I am quite happy with the new material.    The Bones Black cleans better than the original Bones material and it is more ridged with crisper detail.  I did not go all out by buying the whole thing but I did manage to pick up another seventy figures to add to my horde of unpainted.

Here are the first paints.  

The "Ghouls" from the encounter with ghoul queen.  I will be using them with my cultists.  

Two Bores from the Circe mini.  

The Basilisk.  This version is much bigger than the last bones basilisk so I am quite happy with it. 

Last is the Hydra.  I like the snake body on this one.  I have their dragon bodied one too but the snake one is better IMO.  

Saturday, July 17, 2021

A place to place my statue 4

 Finished the stone work and the frieze.  It will needs weathering and I think I need to do something on the outside as it seems to need something.  First photos. 


Details of the frieze.  

I was missing one stand of orks so I needed a replacement.  Lucky I had ordered some 28mm gnomes. 

Temple level

Crypt level

Visually it is missing something on the sides and back as it has the verdigris on the frieze is a bit overpowered by the plain wall.  Weathering will be done with multiple washes and small patches of lichen.  I will also be adding some vegetation too.  Hope you like. 

Sunday, July 4, 2021

A place to place my statue 3

 Finished construction.  Now I can start gap filling.  I have a brand new pack of Mililiput so the next few evenings of hobby time are occupied.  I am happy with how it is coming along.  Here are the photos.


Temple level. 

Crypt level