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Sunday, October 2, 2022

Counters for a fist full of lead

 Finished up some counters for a fist full of lead.  As I wanted them for my vaqueros I used sombreros as a base.  Started off with four sombreros from Sally Fourth games.  They came with heads attached so I removed those.  The rest of the details are some Rogue Trader era plastic space marine knives, some 3d printed bottles a skull off the plastic wizards sprue from Northstar  and some green stuff shells from a Green Stuff World mold.   Here are the finished counters mounted on bases. 

From left to right.  one wound, out of ammo, stunned and two wounds.  

Then I used instamold to make a press mold of each piece.  I also cut two vents in the sides as I wanted a metal base on the bottom of the green stuff. 

These were then cast four times. 

And painted. 

Top to bottom, out of ammo, stunned, one wound and two wounds.

Hope you like.

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