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Sunday, January 29, 2023

Fantasy Bakery

 In my attempts to figure something else aside from temples to build for my no ruined or frozen Frostgrave terrain I decided to build a bakery.  As all bakeries need bread I made ten Roman style loaves out of milliput then did press molds using instamold.  After a week of making bread with that mold I had enough.  Here are some of the loose bits of bread that I have yet to use.  

Next I did some shelving to store the loaves and a display for out in front.

After that I did some more storage shelves with a variety of ingredients and stuff.  I also painted up some loose items to have cluttered in any excess space. 

Lastly for furniture I needed a grinding stone and a table to work dough on.  The grinding stone is a 1p and 2p coin with some putty. 

All of these need a building with an oven so the basic interior is here.  

Once I finish construction of the roof, painted the basic structure and glued in all of the set dressing I will liberally dust the whole interior with white weathering powder to simulate the excess flour that would be pretty much everywhere. 

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