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Monday, November 27, 2023

Cleared some items of my painting table and made a phantasmic sphere

Finished some undead and another thief.  Models are a mix of Otherworld and Crooked Dice.  

I also tried my hand at making a phantasmic sphere for Frostgrave.  It is one of the pieces of interactive terrain from the Fireheart book.  They are suppose to be spheres of magical energy that float around causing havoc.  

I started out with half of an ice cube mold that my daughter found at Tiger.

I coated the inside of the mold with UV resin.  After removing the resin, the edges were chipped and pillars of fishing line was setup using the resin again.  After four of these were made and tinted they were fused together with resin.  That was setup onto another pillar of fishing line set on a base. 

The book says 3 or four of these work for a game so I am off to make some more before I add vegetation to the base. 

Hope you like.

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