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Sunday, June 23, 2019

Bone Wheel Postscript

Since the top is magnetic it would have been a shame not to use it.  Two other scenarios in the Lich Lord Campaign have specialist terrain that the plinth can be used for.  The black cauldron and the Ghoul Kings throne.  I built a stone cauldron by using foamex disks to build the basic structure.  This was coated in Milliput and then carved to resemble chipped stone.  The basin was formed while the milliput was still wet and then once set it was sanded smooth.  Surface texture for the liquid was added with acrylic gloss medium.  Painted and filled with two part epoxy resin tinted with just a touch of purple ink.  The Throne is just a jumble of bits  and tombstones arranged onto a bench. 
First the Cauldron:
Next the throne
Hope you like.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Reaper bones 4 Containers

Another build that I have been working on came from my Bones 4 kickstarter package. 

No step-by-step photos on this one since these were pretty easy.  The six cargo containers were all built closed, primed and painted a solid color.  A sponging of dark brown and then bright orange was applied. 

Graffiti decals from Greenstuff World were applied.  Once these were dry I applied several filters of oil paint. 

The only things left on these are to use a graphite pencil to pick out some areas of excessive wear.

Hope you like.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Bone Wheel almost done.

Finished up with the oils.  First application was the blues and reds.  These were painted on in a blob in the center of the part to be tinted.  Then a brush that is damp with white spirits was applied to blend the tint onto the surface. 

Next step was the greens and black.  The green was used on the stone and the wood surfaces to imitate damp mossy areas.  The black was used solely on the skeletons to simulate the discoloration of decay.  The same process of using  a brush damp with white spirits was used to blend the colors in place. 

Once all of the oils were dry, a wash of raw umber oil and white spirits was used.  Some areas of the skeletons and skulls received more watered down oils at this time. 

Black felt was added with spray adhesive at the bottom of the plinth and the shrine.   This helps protect the surfaces and will help blend the terrain onto whatever surface it is placed on.  

Here are the individual components.

 The Shrine:
The scaffolding:
The wheels:
Here is everything put together.  Models are from Hasslefree and Studio Miniatures.\
Once the latest batch of oils finishes setting Pledge Multi-Surface Wax (in the US read Future floor polish) will be painted onto all the playing surfaces to help protect the paint.  After that sets it will get a coat of rattle can spray gloss then two rattle can spray flat. 

Just so everyone is aware.  My cat found a bag.
Hope you like.

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Bone Wheel construction and base coat done.

I decided to magnetize the scaffolding as I can make another top for use in the game or I can use the base as a stand-alone dais. 

I was initially at a loss as what to add to the base of the scaffolding.  I hit on making a small shrine on top of the dais with the scaffolding built around it.  Here is the shrine that I came up with. 
Once all components were primed black, I started with the base.  All stone was highlighted with three separate colors.  Individual stones will be picked out and colored once I start on the oils.  The skulls were painted individually.

The small shrine was painted in a similar way.  I added some pictographs that will be obscured with the scaffolding so I did not go into too much depth. 

The scaffolding was dry brushed with two shades of grey on the black primer.  The ropes were painted later. 
The wagon wheels were painted in a similar way as the scaffolding.  The skeletons were painted and so were the metallic parts of the wheels. 
Here is the completed build without glue. 

  The whole structure will be receiving several treatments in oil paints to both tone down and blend the original paint job.  The oils will also be used to tint individual stones and tint certain details. 

Hope you like. 

Friday, June 7, 2019

Bone wheel base construction complete.

Just finished construction on the base. Each of the panels was glued into place.  To do this without adding a thick materiel I cut stencil paper to a slightly smaller diameter that the top.  I superglued the paper to the bottom of the outer ring and let it set.  Once in place I glued the remaining panels down.  Due to the rough edges on the skull plates they would not stand up to be glued.  To work around this I used stencil paper again.  I cut a long strip, glued the individual panels onto it in line then glued the ends together with the excess paper overlapping on the inside.  Nice neat and no measurements for me to mess up.  The ring it created was glued to the underneath the top plate and then putty was applied around the edge to both strengthen and seal up the space.  The bottom was then centered and attached.  Loose sand was used to level and blend the edges.  Just sift fine sand onto the surface at the joint, lightly brush off excess with a paint brush then use very thin superglue to set it in place.

I have also finished the scaffolding.  There were two options.  First was six individual poles to hold the wheels.  It would have been too weak and would have been difficult to protect in transport and play.  Second option was to build a scaffold.  A frame was built and pinned together.  It did not look right when placed on the center disk so I added another disk to step up to the frame.  All of the joints were further streignthened with wrapped wire ropes lashed in place. 
 With the wheels in place it is starting to take shape. 

The individual wheels will be positioned upright.  I have some other details that I will add to flesh out the scaffolding but this is close to finished.

Hope you like.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Bone wheel update.

Howdy.  So I am working on a couple of things.  Firstly the Bone wheel is base is going to be raised up about ¾ inch so I will need to build up a plinth.  I cut my second sheet of stacked skulls into strips and divided them into sections.  Once that was done I needed to bend them to fit around a base.  To do this I boiled water and put the pieces in individually.  Once they were warm enough to bend I put them onto a glass jar that is the right diameter and cooled them with the rounded shape. 

The next step will be to do the dividers and the actual base.  Have not started there as I have been working on another part of the project.  The six hanging skeletons. 

I decided to hang them on individual wheels so match the name of the scenario and the description.  I used 4 Ground laser cut wagon wheels as the base and some old Wargames Factory Skeletons.  Now picked up by Warlord games.  These are the old ones whose bones are too brittle to hold the weight of the model.  Not so good for troops but great for terrain.  They were glued into position on the wheels and twisted wire was tightly wrapped around the arms and legs to hang them in place. 

Then I used toilet paper and watered down wood glue to add clothing.  And now they will have to set for a while.   

Once set they will get a glaze of superglue to harden the clothing and bond all the pieces together in a solid part.

Hope you like.