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Friday, October 11, 2019

Last of my drop ins for a while

Here are my two engineering sections.  Parts from Crooked dice, Hirst Arts, Antenocities and Matntic pars. 

I was going to stop there but I ended up finding something special in my lead pile.  Mr Jungles Extreme from the now defunct Comfy Chair Miniatures.  I did not have a lavatory yet so I figured it was time. 

Hope you like.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Of all things a game of 40k.

One of the guys at the club wanted a game of 40k as he had been involved in a prolonged D&D campaign on club night and missed out on the tabletops for several months.  It was my Windrider Host vs. his Templars.  Played seventh ed rules 1500 points.

Here are the photos.  I did not shoot photos of each turn but these photos are in order.  I did not keep track of the details each turn. 

We finished up the game when the marines were almost out of infantry. 

Finished some more drop ins.

Same mix of parts.  Aintsy Mantic antiocities and others. I have two more of these on my table and I am going to work on other projects. 

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Cleaning up projects on my workbench.

I have had several partially completed projects sat there taking space and they needed to be cleared off.  I took the last week finishing them off so they can go in the terrain boxes.
First is my Ainsty truck. Nothing special.
Next is a Reaper Bones Blacktooth terror.
Lastly are six drop in interiors for use in my sci-fy buildings.  Mix of parts.  Hirst arts, Crooked dice, Black Cat Bases, Antiocities, mantic and others.

Hope you like.

Sunday, September 22, 2019


How to make rivets keeps coming up on different forums so I figured that I would show some techniques that are not usually shown.  This is not an all encompassing list.  Just some techniques that usually are not listed.

The Ponce wheel can be used to emboss lines of rivets onto a surface.

The easiest method is embossing the rivets using a scribe.  Just push a scribe into the reverse side of the material to put the rivet onto. 

Glued in place.
Next is a leather punch tool.  This one can press multiple sizes of rivets.  Again embossed on the back of the material.   

Glued in place again.
Gold shaping cups
Glued in place
This is what they look like when you purchace them.  

The next two are commercially available punches. 
Again glued in place
A leather hole punch
Green stuff world molded bolts
What the product looks like. 
Glued in place. 

Primed and given a quick wash
A quick tip on gluing small parts. This works with both superglue and poly cement.  Use self threading sewing needles.  Use a pin vise to handle the pin and dip the tip of the self threading needle into the liquid glue.  The shape of the eyelet will hold a drop of glue in place by surface tension.  This drop can be applied to an exact point where you will apply the rivets.   
Hope you like.


Sunday, September 15, 2019

Frostgrave stuff

Just a little magic circle to use as scatter terrain for Frostgrave.  Made of foamex with colored resin effects. 
With an unfinished model for scale