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Thursday, October 18, 2012

 Sorry about not updating lately.  I have not done any hobby work because, after fourteen years,  my wife has decided that she wants to move back to the UK.  She has been a very good sport living in the desert that whole time but now it is time to go home.  We have been working toward that goal for a couple of months so hobbies are taking a backseat..  She will move in November, then I am flying my daughter and the pets out in December after school finishes for winter break.  When I come back I have to fix up the house and sell it (knock on wood).  I will also have to wait for my shipments from the Reaper Bones Kickstarter  and the Studio Minatures Indigogo (no missing those).  Anyone who has experiance with UK immigrations clearance?  The process looks much more streight forward that the US system.  But with my luck I do not know.  Once everything is done, free and clear I can give my notice and move.  Night all.
Snitchy sends.