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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Modern windows.

I pre-fabricate all of my windows on fantasy builds and I want to do the same for my modern builds.  So here is what I did.  I took three different types of plastic strip and make up my window frame, edging and middle brace.

I used Evergreen strip plastic sizes:
Rectangle 1.5mm X 2.5mm
Rectangle 1.0mm X 2.5mm
Quarter round 1mm

I decided to make two different size window frames for the mold.
1 inch by 1.5 inch
1.5 inch by 2.0 inch

Figure one is the basic cross section of the window frame.  I build a box using the 1.5mm X 2.5mm strip standing up on the short side and a second box inside the first using the same sized styrene lying on its long side.  I then glued 1/4 round around the interior corner of the window.  Figure 2. shows the completed concept window with the middle brace.  The middle brace is made with the 1.0mm X 2.5mm styrene. 

I built both size windows and glued them to a plastic sheet.  I then puttied the corners and edges and I built a mold box around the two windows.

I cast the mold in silicone and let it set for a day.

These are the cast parts.

This is what they look like in a work in progress shot.

Since I frame them in Popsicle sticks, I plan on gluing one window frame looking out, and one looking into the house.  In between these I am planning on putting a sheet of clear plastic from a page protector sheet to simulate the glass.

Hope you like.
Snitchy sends.