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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Smoke. NO not that kind.

I saw a post on one of the forums that I regularly visit that intrigued me.  How to make cheap effective smoke.  I have seen cotton balls, and steel wool.  I have even seen someone who painted up great stuff for his counters.
This is my take on it.  I am going to take my cue from the makers of Flames of War.  The answer that I am going to try is wool.
I start with four different colors of yarn.  If I was going to really produce this for game play, I would play with the colors to get the right look.  Since this is a test I used two strands of gray and black yarn, and one each of red and yellow. 

You separate the yarn into individual strands.

I used a dog brush to brush the strands out into individual fibers.  If you do this with a large bunch of different color strands it mixes the colors for you.  I brushed the fibers out and fold them over.

I then glue the smoke onto a per-textured base.  This can be used as is or it can be teased out with a dental pick or other tool.


That is my take on Smoke.  I think that if I do this for regular use counters, I will use more strands of black and gray.  That would get the colors more like smoke and less like fire.  Hope you like.
Snitchy sends