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Friday, February 24, 2012

Non wargame post.

This is just a quick one to show off another hobby.  My wife collects skulls and skeletons.  For Valentines day I did this up for her. She got other stuff too, but she loved her "Chicken Bones".  I bought the specimen at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show.  Then I made a shadow box and mounted it inside.  I made it look used like all of the purchased shadow boxes that we have.  The kids next door love coming over because it is like coming to a museum where they can handle the exhibits. 

The next few pictures will take a bit of an explanation.  Two years ago I was driving home and saw a badger that was hit by a car.  It was intact, and not leaking.  I bagged it up, brought it home, and buried it on my land.  My daughter and I just dug it up running all the loose dirt through three separate sized metal screens to get the small bones.  I think that I got the whole thing.
Then I boiled it up in a mixture of bleach and water to remove the collagen from the bone.  I did this on a burner plate out in my yard near the neighbors house that I don't like.  Lucky for him it did not stink.  Once I boiled it for four hours, I drained it out and soaked it in bleach over night.  It came up nice. 
This one is not mine, but it is what I intend to do.
Sorry for the photo quality.  It was with my phone.
Hope you like.
Snitchy sends.