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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I hate thieves!!! Ainsty Robbed

 Just read this over on the LAF forum.  I hate thieves and these got quite a haul. 
Original thread!
Here is the info.
"While preparing for his weekend shows, Andy Lyon of Ainsty's van was robbed:  
All my boxes of show stock are gone, all my display models and figures are gone and all my boxed pieces for on the bottom of the racks are gone. Two racks of blistered minis are gone too."
It has a substantial retail value plus is about a years worth of stock that he's built up. Absolutely gutted for him.
Likely a crime of opportunity - but it's a shed load of stuff to move.
It happened near Market Rasen in Lincolnshire.
Please share this and hopefully someone will have information which could help.
 If you see any boxed Ainsty sets or blistered Rogue or Crooked Dice Miniatures for sale anywhere please let Andy know."
 If anyone knows anything or sees any unusual sales activity please contact Ainsty.
Snitchy sends.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Studio on Indegogo!!

I have to admit I love these guys.  Now I am going to have to add a donation to my budget!
Studio Indiegogo
If you are interested and have the means these guys are great.
Snitchy sends.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Street Litter

I am planning on making an urban board that is in the "inner-city" and I figured that I need to make some litter to go in the yards and back alleys of the neighborhood.   First up is a covered truck.  Just a glue soaked paper towel arranged over the truck.

Next up is some covered crates and barrels.  Same thing with the wood glue soaked paper towel for the tarps. 

Some pallet stacks.  These are all made from bass wood and coffee stirrers. 

Lastly are two covered bodies, which do not photograph well, barrel and bucket stacks,  and a stroller partially wrapped in a blanket.  The bodies are two Reaper "non-heroic" dollies posed and covered again with the glue soaked paper towel.  The stroller is soldered together brass wire with putty details and punched plastic wheels.  

 Hope you like. 
Snitchy sends.

Friday, June 1, 2012

My new Zuzzy mat

Since the wife and I decided to move we are cutting the excess crap so to speak so I cannot make a dedicated 4X4 board for my zombie project.  This immediately justified (in my mind) the purchase of a 4X4 Zuzzy mat.  A couple of suggestions before purchasing mats from Zuzzy.  Do not order during tax season, he was over whelmed with orders.  Do not expect a lot of feedback from the company either.  He had a problem with his latex supplier when I ordered so that also increased the wait time.  PayPal went in on 7 Mar and I received the mat 26 May.  The mats details are outstanding and I would recommend them based on the quality.  Just be prepared to wait.  I first inked the mat with black India ink, diluted 1:2 with water and a couple of drops of Jet Dry to break the surface tension of the water.   Then I used craft paints to highlight the raised detail.  Now to the images.

Since I have never posted them before, here is an image of my Hasselfree HAZMAT troopers.
 Hope you like.
Snitchy sends