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Friday, April 10, 2015

Just in case you missed it here is my completed entry for Build something 15.

Pretty happy with 25 votes that were not mine.  Did not place but apparently it made the guy on Guam feel cold. 
Sorry there are not more photos.  They are on my wife's puter and she is occupying it at the moment.
Hope you like.
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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Building a building my way #2

Sorry about the delay posting more on this build.  Real life being what it is put this on hold.  Back to business. 

Once the windows are built I usually start on the floor to create the footprint for the building.  Here I am using Hirst arts tiles and blocks for parts of this build.  I glued the tiles together face down on a cutting board so I had a level floor.  Once I glued it down I reinforced the back with more glue and then some putty on the portions of the tiles that were not level for added stability.  When the floor was completely set I turned it over and filled all gaps between the tiles. 
  Next I again use the Hirst blocks to build the bottom edge of the walls and corners of the building.  After these parts dry I roughly cut foam core walls to fill the open areas and roughly set the windows.  You will notice lots of gaps here as I did not worry too much about the fit since I will be covering the walls inside and out and I was in a bit of a hurry at the time. The windows are shimmed in and leveled with coffee stirrers.  When the walls are set in place I cap them with popsicle sticks so I have a level surface to put the roof on and to edge the façade for the exterior walls.  
After gluing the popsicle sticks on I use coffee stirrers to fill any gaps between the foam core, wood and Hirst blocks. 
 When I have a good surface for the wall faces, I cover the whole wall with PVA glue and then dump clay kitty litter onto the surface.  This will appear similar to a flint nodule surface.  After the PVA sets up I use super glue dribbled over the surface to protect the kitty litter with a hard acrylic surface and to set it firmly in place. 
  Hope you like.

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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Building a building my way.

Since I have finished my build something entry I have decided to show my step by step process for constructing buildings.  I generally start counter intuitively with the windows.  These are prefabricated using stencil paper that is cut to size with the individual panes cut out.  The paper is then edged with a layer of coffee stirrers around the face.  The whole structure is boxed in with larger coffee stirrers and a Popsicle stick as the window sill.  These took me about two or three hours to knock up.  The individual holes for the glass are 5mm by 5mm. 
Hope you like. Snitchy sends.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Birch Trees yet again.

Since I am still rebuilding my terrain after the move and after a few tests I have finally settled down on individually based trees.  Here are the finished Birch using the toot that I authored on Terragenesis. Linkey  New basing though.  They are on heavy washers and there are at least six different types of ground effects on each base.  I will probably do another ten or so stands later.  Hope you like.

 I also received a little package today.  More plastic for my pile of plastic and metal.  Whooot. 
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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Build something 15 #7

Pine trees done.  Twisted wire with twine branches, sawdust flock, spraypaint prime, watered down PVA and some Woodland Scenics snow.  Overall cost approx  £0.20 and some time per tree.  I think that the snow came out well. 

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Build something 15 #6

Some more details and some groundwork that only took two days to dry.  I still have to add some more ground and then onto painting. 

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Build something 15 #5

Had another hour this after noon.  Not sure if I am happy with the struts.

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Build something 15 #4

Finished sanding down the hull, attached the engine housing and did some wiring.

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Build something 15 #3

I had an hour and a half this morning so I decided to make the radial engine and some of the supports for both the engine and undercarriage.  I also managed to putty the body up.  I will work on the wiring tomorrow.  Posting the rest on LAF.
Hope you like.

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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Build something 15 post #2

Snow day today so I could not prime any of my trees.  I decided to work on the Aerosled that I was going to sneak onto the base to spice the lake up.  Here is the main reference image that I am using.
Here is what I came up with this afternoon.  Built in stencil paper.
It still needs some (read quite a bit) of gap filling and then I have to build the rest of it. 
Hope you like.
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Monday, February 2, 2015

"Build Something" 15 on LAF

I have entered the "Build Something" competition on the Lead Adventure Forum.  The competition theme is Fire and Ice.  The build can be either or both but the base has to be bigger than 50mmX50mm.  I am going to try something that I have never attempted before.  I am going to do snow and ice terrain.  I am building a frozen lake.  Last night I built some trees and today I have roughed up the iced over lake.  The pine trees are standard bristle brush pines off my tree jig.  The copper wire for the other trees was donated to the project by my boss as was the plexiglass that is going to be the surface of the lake.  Hope you like.

I will be posting the images here but the descriptions are going to be on my thread on LAF. 
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