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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Horde Base 3

Finished pinning all the zeds to the base.

Ended up with 26 on the base.
Hope you like.
Snitchy sends.

Metal Ducting Tape

 I decided to play with some metal ducting tape.  First I removed the backing and attached some graph paper to the back of the tape.  Then I cut out some squares.

Then I used a pounce wheel on the paper side to simulate rivets on the metal.

Next I took a plastic skewer to scribe lines on the paper side of two other squares.

 I also tried to use the pounce wheel on the scribed panels.  I figure it will work for a variety of details on buildings and other terrain. 

Hope you like.
Snitchy sends.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Horde base 2

I have painted the base and now am ready to start adding zombies.
Base was painted dark gray, then highlighted with a medium and then a light gray.  I then gently dry brushed the center of each square with a khaki color.  The stains are made using thinned down black and brown inks.
Hope you like .
Snitchy sends. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Painting zombie skin

Everyone is going to have a different take on this so here is my two cents worth.
I painted the base coat light gray.
Then I dabbed a thin blotchy coat of yellow ink over the whole skin surface.  The less uniform the better.
Using thinned down purple inks I painted in the recesses of the eyes, and the hollows of the cheeks. 
With black ink straight out of the bottle, I painted on some of the larger veins on the side of the face.
Again using the straight black ink I paint a bit sloppy around the nose, mouth, and visible wounds (zombie blood is rotten too so I use black).
The other two examples are zeds I painted at the same time.
The yellow and purple inks are GW and not longer in production.
The gray is Reaper and again is out of production.
The black ink was purchased from an art supply shop.  Just look for India Ink.
My two cents.  I hope you like.
Snitchy sends.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New horde base in the works.

I am starting up a new horde base and I figured I would give a step by step.  Due to time constraints with work and regular life, these can take a while so I will try to keep up the posts.

I started with a 120mm base from Privateer Press.  Link  I sanded all of the facing studs off because a zombie horde will not have a facing.
Then I puttied the underside because I am going to be pinning each zed onto the base.  I used Magic Sculpt putty since it dries rock hard.  Magic Sculp
 Then I covered the insert area with Magic Sculpt.  I rolled it with a skewer to level it out.  Once this Was done I used a ruler and a sculpting edge to scribe in the sidewalk, and used 60 grit sandpaper to press the cement texture into the putty.  I pinned a couple of details like the corpse onto the base and then glued a couple of spots of sand and grit on.
I will keep you posted and I hope you like.
Snitchy sends.