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Friday, September 19, 2014

Don’t tell me it is not in!!!!

I got a bit hacked off this week.  Here is the story.  I read this great article by David Neat.  I got all excited and decided to get some stencil card and go to town.  I went to my local store for a national stationary chain with my money in hand.    

It turns out that that paper is being removed from their inventory and they will not be restocking it.  They did not have any on hand but there were three stores in the UK that had some so I immediately ordered all that I could.  I am on week four waiting since it their stock system requires it to go to a separate warehouse prior to being dispatched to the local store.  I decided to take matters into my own hands.  The paper is linseed impregnated so I picked up some for three quid. 

Next I needed paper so I picked up some nice A4 card stock for inkjet printer
  I soaked the paper in the linseed oil, wiped it off with newspaper and let it dry.  It turned out ok so I tried the tutorial.  It worked great.  Hopefully this will be helpful if you need stencil paper.    Total cost was about thirteen pounds with enough to do about 200 sheets.  Three sheets from the national chain will run you about 12 quid.  I will pick it up to see if there are any differences but I do not think so. 

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Got a bit more work done.

Had two hours this morning to work on the Vardo.  Did some cabinetry. 

Hope you like.
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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

WIP Vardo

I figured that I would do something that was a bit different.  I wanted to do a wagon or two that could be used as scatter terrain on the field.  After looking at laser cut kits I decided that they did not have enough detail. 

I started researching Gypsy Vardos on the internets and found a bunch of interesting photos. 

  After a couple of sketches I started.  The base material is card stock.  I framed it out with coffee stirrers.  The green stuff details are made using insta mold to make a press mold.  I still have to do the cabinetry in the interior and work on the actual wagon portion but I am happy with two afternoons worth of work. 

 Hope you like

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Corn Fields

Acquiring and building fields has been a bit of an obsession of mine for quite some time.  Many of the game tables that I have come across have had fences defining where fields should go on the tabletop but lacked the actual crops.  My boards replicated this problem and it always seemed visually wrong to me. A farm with no crops or a ranch with no animals.  My first foray was to build large scale doormat fields that are usually seen on the 15mm boards.  That worked after a fashion, but when I had to sell all of my terrain prior to my move I decided that I would make something a bit more realistic for my 28/32mm tabletop.
 I had the opportunity to pick up some JTT O scale corn from Hobby Lobby before I left.  I should actually say a lot of O scale corn.  The local Hobby Lobby said that the whole line was being removed from their stores and they were all on sale for over half off.  Each pack contained 32 stalks and normally sold for $8.00.  After waiting a week for my order, I picked up fifteen packs at $3.00 a piece. Turns out it was just enough to finish three bases.  I based them on plasticard shapes and painted the groundwork prior to drilling a hole for each stalk. 
 I did three bases in all.  Two in rounded triangular shapes and one in a rounded rectangle.  The plan is that they will fit within a walled/hedged/fenced area that will ultimately define the edges of the field.  
  It is hard to see the field boundries when they are base to base. 
 I still have to attach felt to the bottom of the templates with spray adhesive and do a bit of highlighting on the stalks with a brighter green.  So far I am pretty happy with the results. 
 Hope you like.
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