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Sunday, October 19, 2014

A bit of paint.

Not completed yet bur I have the majority of the blocking done on the vardo for the basic colors.  Once I finished the blocking I managed to drop it and broke the rear axle off.  That is glued back on now.  Here are the images.

Once I finish this basic stuff off I will complete the roof and get that in place permanently.  I also still have to get the base done.  Hope you like.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Vargo gets some rims.

Sorry if I ramble a bit here but I just got off work and am a bit tired.  I added a bit in the last day or so.  Some windows, shutters, sheets and the frame for the wagon itself.  Windows  and shutters were made with metal ducting paper backed on graph paper.  The sheets and hanging clothing were made with wood glue soaked paper towel.  The frame was pretty straight forward.  I only need to make some spacers for the wheels to attach to the frame and do a bit of hardware on the bottom.  Because the green stuff wheels are not as strong as I would like I will need to support the whole structure somehow.  I am thinking about a subdued black rod supporting the bottom of the whole structure.  It should blend in.  Here are the images.

Hope you like.
Snitchy sends.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Finally got a bit done.

My Vardo has been on hold for a couple of weeks due to work on my hobby room.  I finally got a table and storage shelving.  For now the table is an oak tabletop on top of saw horses and I cannot swing a cat in the room but it will work. 
For the Vardo I have added a folding table, stove and some small bits cast in green stuff out of a Hirst arts mold.   I also managed to putty all the gaps so they should not be visible unless you are looking at the top of the walls.  The wagon wheels are from a Instamold press mold of a wagon wheel that I made some time ago.  Onto the pictures.   Sorry about the picture quality but it is night in an old house with crap interior lighting. 

Hope you like.
Snitchy sends.