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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Transporting the Galleon

With such a large model, I needed a transport case that would keep it safe, and be relatively handy.   I paid $25.00 at a sports store for a four pistol carrying case from Plano.  If you look around in the winter, you can find them under $20.00 at wallymart (hunting season).  The middle foam is cell cut so you can pull out the pieces you need.  Once that is done, I carefully cut the top and bottom foam to accommodate the base (since I did not want the corn stalks damaged).  Hope you like. 

Snitchy sends.

Saturday, June 8, 2013


A while ago I said I would post an article on how to do pallets. 
First I cut wood coffee stirrers and match sticks.  They are cut to the same length.  1 1/2 inches.

 Then I glue down the two outside internal supports (matchsticks) to the outside edge of a coffee stirrer.  The second coffee stirrer is used to support the matchsticks and are not glued.

 I then glue in the middle support.  Note I did not measure in any way. 
 Then I turn the set pallet base over and glue another coffee stirrer to the other edge of the top and I add another strip roughly in the middle of the supports. 
I then add the next two strips to finish the top of the pallet.
 When set I turn it over and glue the three bottom boards. 
When completed, arrange them in an interesting stack and glue them in place. 

   I usually make about twenty at a time so I have parts drying the whole time that I am working.  Hope you like.  
Snitchy sends.