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Monday, March 21, 2011

Wattle and Daub

Wattle and Daub was a staple building technique for many centuries.  A lattice of wicker work was built in between a wood frame, and a mixture of mud, hair, lye and manure was spread on the surface to create the exterior surface of the house.  To recreate this technique, use my Wattle technique to create the wicker insert. I am building out of a piece of foam core and have pre-made the wattle.  
You cut out a window in the foam core that will accept your wattle, remove the foam, and glue the wattle in place.  Do not remove the paper from the backing.
 Add your wood structural supports.  Here mind are done with wood coffee stirrers.
Then I added my surface texture for the wattle and daub.  I used Celluclay (a commercial Paper Mache).  

The completed piece.

Hope that helps.
Snitchy sends.  

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