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Friday, December 16, 2011

Corrugated metal

Just a quick update.  I purchased a Fiscars paper crimper on a lark a few months ago and it has sat in a drawer ever since. 

Then while working on some ducting at the house I found the perfect material to work with it.  Metal ducting tape.    

First I pealed the backing off the metal and tape it to a scrap piece of paper and cut it to size.  This will allow it to be glued to other surfaces since the backing is waxed. 

Then I run it through the crimper.

After some quick weathering and damage you can see the effect. 

Hope you like.
Snitchy sends.


  1. Thats really cool and effective

    Brummie Sends :P

  2. Brilliant! I will have to look for one of the crimpers as I want to make a shanty town

  3. Very good idea. I bought a fantastically expensive railway modelling tool for the same purpose and it just made rubbish corrugations.

    I used to use a knitting needle and a ruler to do one corrugation at a time. Slow but effective.

  4. I have the exact same crimper and have used it for a couple of years for making corrugated metal. But I never thought of using metal duct tape. That's genius! I will be giving it a shot.

  5. That's great! I've tried a lot of different media in my crimper. Haven't tried the metal ducting tape. I will have to try that. Thanks for posting.

  6. That's a really good idea, and if you use a fair amount saves a lot on painting. Thanks!