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Friday, June 1, 2012

My new Zuzzy mat

Since the wife and I decided to move we are cutting the excess crap so to speak so I cannot make a dedicated 4X4 board for my zombie project.  This immediately justified (in my mind) the purchase of a 4X4 Zuzzy mat.  A couple of suggestions before purchasing mats from Zuzzy.  Do not order during tax season, he was over whelmed with orders.  Do not expect a lot of feedback from the company either.  He had a problem with his latex supplier when I ordered so that also increased the wait time.  PayPal went in on 7 Mar and I received the mat 26 May.  The mats details are outstanding and I would recommend them based on the quality.  Just be prepared to wait.  I first inked the mat with black India ink, diluted 1:2 with water and a couple of drops of Jet Dry to break the surface tension of the water.   Then I used craft paints to highlight the raised detail.  Now to the images.

Since I have never posted them before, here is an image of my Hasselfree HAZMAT troopers.
 Hope you like.
Snitchy sends


  1. Wow that's mat look really effective and obviously well worth the wait. Nice work on the Hazmats I like the vivid orange.

  2. Great stuff. You mat at came out very nice. Hazmat troopers look excellent.

  3. Hazmat troopers are really nice!

    Good idea with the mat. And it looks stunninng.

  4. You've done a great job with the Zuzzy Mat. I too had a long wait, about 9 weeks I think, when I purchased mine. It is more for a Sci Fi project I am thinking of, so it sits untouched this far, but I think they are great products.