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Thursday, April 17, 2014


For Warmahordes I play both Mercs and Crocks.  Unfortunately they do not make a gargantuan for the crocks.  I stumbled upon this sarcosuchus on Shapeways. 
The measurements looked right so I ordered one.  The crock turned out to be just the right size to fit into a cut out 120mm base.  When I received it the whole thing was hollow, so I back filled the model with plaster.  Then I added the rope supports for the howdah and bulked up the sides so it looked like the ropes were taught.   Here are a couple of pics with Bloody Barnabus for scale.

I wanted the howdah and mortar to look like they were scavenged.  I constructed the howdah to look like the ripped out wall from a barn or deck of a ship.  Then I constructed the mortar from plastic tubing and green stuff.  I used a hot pin head to distress the surface and chipped the barrel.  I tied it down to the surface of the howdah  and added a green stuff sandbag to support the back. 
Here it is in place. 
So far I was lucky enough to find a used Bloody Barnabus to convert into the driver.  Lots of cutting and now some re-building.  I have a witch doctor on order to add in as a gunner. 

Let me know what you think.
Snitchy sends.



  1. Lovely conversion, can't wait to see the crew and paint.

  2. I look forward to seeing the finished version!

  3. A fascinating, yet strange beast of war.