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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Building a building my way #2

Sorry about the delay posting more on this build.  Real life being what it is put this on hold.  Back to business. 

Once the windows are built I usually start on the floor to create the footprint for the building.  Here I am using Hirst arts tiles and blocks for parts of this build.  I glued the tiles together face down on a cutting board so I had a level floor.  Once I glued it down I reinforced the back with more glue and then some putty on the portions of the tiles that were not level for added stability.  When the floor was completely set I turned it over and filled all gaps between the tiles. 
  Next I again use the Hirst blocks to build the bottom edge of the walls and corners of the building.  After these parts dry I roughly cut foam core walls to fill the open areas and roughly set the windows.  You will notice lots of gaps here as I did not worry too much about the fit since I will be covering the walls inside and out and I was in a bit of a hurry at the time. The windows are shimmed in and leveled with coffee stirrers.  When the walls are set in place I cap them with popsicle sticks so I have a level surface to put the roof on and to edge the façade for the exterior walls.  
After gluing the popsicle sticks on I use coffee stirrers to fill any gaps between the foam core, wood and Hirst blocks. 
 When I have a good surface for the wall faces, I cover the whole wall with PVA glue and then dump clay kitty litter onto the surface.  This will appear similar to a flint nodule surface.  After the PVA sets up I use super glue dribbled over the surface to protect the kitty litter with a hard acrylic surface and to set it firmly in place. 
  Hope you like.

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