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Monday, April 11, 2016

Supply dump and pipeline parts.

These are almost complete.  I still have to seal, flock and felt the bottom of these pieces.  All the components are from the Hirst Arts sci-fy molds, Egyptian brick and pipeline molds.  The stacks of crates are glued together in separate stacks so they can be arranged in multiple configurations.  The control panels are shamelessly copied from c0d3monk33's control panel design.  I have purposefully left the game system ambiguous so they could be used for multiple game systems.  They are all painted in acrylics and oil paints. 

 The crates can be arranged in large piles to replicate hills on the table or they can be arranged in rows to provide tones of cover. 

 I have enough extra barrels to make several more stacks.  They are still on the table and need some work before they are stacked. 

Hope you like. 
Snitchy sends.


  1. I love the Hirst Arts stuff, I think it is some of the best bits for the cost out there! These look awesome!