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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Last of clearing my workbench for now.

Just the last few tings that I promised last week. 
Firstly wagons.  I thought they were the last but I found another one so that is now in the painting que.
 My pumpkin cart.
 Treasure markers
 Giant rats.   Reaper Bones
 Frostgrave troops.  
 A basilisk and stone golom.  Reaper bones
 Giant spiders.  Reaper bones
 Snow leopard.  Reaper Bones
 Rodents of unusual size.  Reaper Bones
Hope you like,
Snitchy sends.


  1. Love them all. Where did you get the pumpkin cart from?

  2. It was from 4Ground:
    The pumpkins were mine. I made about 20 masters out of extra putty over time and then made a mold. The 4 ground kits are real good value for money. Some other carts and wagons are from Warbases:
    Hope that helps.
    Snitchy sends.

  3. Always good to see a grand clear-up (so to speak) and I bet there's not many tht can claim to have a 'pumpkin cart'.