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Thursday, November 24, 2016


Finished my first five Nickstarter Frostgrave Barbarians and the three loot tokens that came with it.  I am quite happy with the sculpts as the details are much better than the original soldier sculpts.  I am quite chuffed becasue I have never been able to do tattoos.  Not for lack of trying becasue I have tried to do them many times in the past but it never looked right.  My eyes are not what they once were so the lines are pretty huge but I am happy with how they came out.  I will show some photos first and then give my particular recipe. 

The recipe that I worked out.  Base coat is flesh (this one was GW and the exact does not really matter much).  The tattoos were painted on in a bright turquoise.  A flesh wash (red brown) over the top of both colors.  Once all of this was dry I mixed up some glaze medium (this one was Windsor and Newton) with the flesh base coat color again.  This was completely translucent but laid down a thin flesh tint.  It was painted on the the entire skin area.  Once this was dry I did another layer over the highlights.  Once this was dry I added a small bit of white and did the highlights again.  Lastly I did a thin wash of the white spirits and dark brown oil paint.  Again, my eyes are not what they once were so the lines are pretty thick but I am happy with it.
Hope you like.
Snitchy sends.


  1. You hav e really got some excellent facial detining there and i really like the markers too.

  2. Wonderful job on the markers, I love them!

  3. Very interesting indeed, as rubberized horse hair is something you still read about from time to time, particularly for use in hedges and the like.