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Monday, April 3, 2017


Since I have been unpacking I have taken the opportunity to organize my modeling toolbox.  I tend to be a bit of a tool whore and if I see a new tool I generally have to have it. 
Top is large hand tools rulers, squares and large cutters. 
 Punches and wire bending tools and jigs.
 Small hand cutters, chisels and planes. 
 Greenstuff World textured rollers.
 Press molds and silicone tipped tools. 
 Metal sculpting tools
 Pin vises, knives, hobby saw, scissors, files, long and small tools at the bottom
 Hand cutters, tweezers, wire bending tools and punches.
 Here are the punches.  Gold shaping cups, hex punch and circle punch. 
I still have some more tools to sort out but they are in other boxes and I am still building my hobby space again.
Snitchy sends.


  1. Lovely bit of tool porn, and well organized too.

  2. I wish I was as well organised as this - one day though.....