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Friday, September 19, 2014

Don’t tell me it is not in!!!!

I got a bit hacked off this week.  Here is the story.  I read this great article by David Neat.  I got all excited and decided to get some stencil card and go to town.  I went to my local store for a national stationary chain with my money in hand.    

It turns out that that paper is being removed from their inventory and they will not be restocking it.  They did not have any on hand but there were three stores in the UK that had some so I immediately ordered all that I could.  I am on week four waiting since it their stock system requires it to go to a separate warehouse prior to being dispatched to the local store.  I decided to take matters into my own hands.  The paper is linseed impregnated so I picked up some for three quid. 

Next I needed paper so I picked up some nice A4 card stock for inkjet printer
  I soaked the paper in the linseed oil, wiped it off with newspaper and let it dry.  It turned out ok so I tried the tutorial.  It worked great.  Hopefully this will be helpful if you need stencil paper.    Total cost was about thirteen pounds with enough to do about 200 sheets.  Three sheets from the national chain will run you about 12 quid.  I will pick it up to see if there are any differences but I do not think so. 

Snitchy sends.

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  1. Great tip. I had read that article as well and liked the implications, but now that there is an "easy" source, I need to give it some more consideration...