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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

WIP Vardo

I figured that I would do something that was a bit different.  I wanted to do a wagon or two that could be used as scatter terrain on the field.  After looking at laser cut kits I decided that they did not have enough detail. 

I started researching Gypsy Vardos on the internets and found a bunch of interesting photos. 

  After a couple of sketches I started.  The base material is card stock.  I framed it out with coffee stirrers.  The green stuff details are made using insta mold to make a press mold.  I still have to do the cabinetry in the interior and work on the actual wagon portion but I am happy with two afternoons worth of work. 

 Hope you like

Snitchy sends.


  1. That's very impressive, Snitchy!

  2. That's great dude! And certainly different.

  3. Wow ! What's not to like in this superb model ?
    The detailing is great and brings the model to life and it's refreshing to see someone taking the time to scratchbuild something so intricatem I was also taken aback to see that you intend to do the interior too !
    Great model !

  4. Nice you clever bugger! Wish I had your patience :)