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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Finished my costume for next year!

He started out as a plastic skeleton Halloween costume that I bought on sale after the holiday from Target.  I jazzed him up by adding the acrylic eyes, and heat shrinking strips of two 0.07mm plastic drop cloths onto the skeleton to create the flesh texture.  Then I used gel wood stain to paint the surface.  Once that had set I used black spray paint in all the holes to hide the old bone colors inside the torso and dusted the whole thing with white spray paint to give it that dusty look.  I followed a corpsing tutorial I found on YouTube. 

The over the shoulder will be better with a black shirt to hide the straps.  I am also going to add a rotten death shroud made of stained cheese cloth.
Hope you like.  
Snitchy sends.


  1. Nice work, its never too early to get ready for Halloween! I have 4 of those guys I bought post Halloween sale, they will be made into groundbreakers in a similar method as yours.

  2. Papa Spanky,
    If I could have I would have picked up that many.