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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Just a quick update.

Just got back from visiting the family in the UK and I should be able to apply for my visa on 1 Feb 14.  I just have to get the paperwork together.  In the mean time I have been working on a couple of custom objective markers for Warmachine.  They were pretty straight forward so I am not going to go into real detail on the construction.  Just bits pinned down and arranged nicely. 

Hope you like. 
Snitchy sends.


  1. Great markers, Warmachine is very popular in my local group.

  2. Those are very well done! I'm not fan of WMH myself, but it's quite popular here, as well.

  3. Nice job. Where in the UK you coming to?

    1. Looks like somewhere around Oxford/Bicester way. Thanks for the compliments all.
      Snitchy sends.